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Search Engine Optimization


Today 85% of people use Google to search for goods and services on the Internet. They use certain phrases to make their search easier, known as ‘keywords’. Smart companies know the power of and to utilize the Internet at its full capacity, they ensure that they appear as high as possible on the first page as 90% of visitors don’t go beyond to the 2nd and 3rd etc. So how do you appear on the 1st page? This is called Search Engine Optimization; for short ‘SEO’.

At Digidley, we develop real time strategies to leverage multiple platforms to extend an organisations audience and reach the target customers.
We put you where your customers are looking and strive for your 1st page ranking for all your keywords targeted and keep retaining the rankings despite the competition. We use highly recognised keyword tools to carry out a proper, on target key word research, which is executed after analysing the background of your core business, and analysing what terms that a searcher might use to find the products and services of the said website. Search Engine Optimization has become the most ‘cost effective’, ‘measurable’ tool to increase your client bases and bottom line sales.

Digidley consist with well experience professionals who can provide customise SEO solutions that will increase your search engine rankings and boost traffic such as,

  • Advanced Keyword & Market Research
  • Usability & Accessibility Optimization
  • Audits and Deep Technical Analysis
  • Analytics, Testing & Maintenance
  • Site and Content Optimization
  • Penalty Prevention and Recovery
  • Phone, Email, and On-Site Consulting
  • Audits and Deep Technical Analysis

At Digidley we have the right tools to monitor your website and analyse the presence of online users approaching your website. This has an advantage for social strategy development and measure of business progression.

Based on your business and budget requirement, we will decide the monthly reporting requirements to track the improvement. Generally we will send you a full report which is based on your SEO package that will enable you to monitor the performance of your website through the following major areas Include Total number of Visits, Total number of Visits / pages, Average visit duration, Number of New Visitors, Bounce Rate.

There after we can conduct investigates based on key criteria’s to monitor the behaviour of your online users. Few key parameters include Demographics, Keywords, Behaviour, Technology, Mobile, Visitor flow, Browser, Operating System of the online user’s machine, the screen resolution.

Above are just a fraction of the details you’ll be bombarded with, which are obviously highly useful to organize your web space according to your potential targeted traffic.

We follow industry best practices for SEO and use the below process to deliver results;

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    Business Goal Identification

    We will discuss your business goals in detail to identify the target market and the competitive scope for your products.

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    Keyword Research and Analysis

    We will do a thorough research on the viable keywords for your business which has the potential to drive targeted traffic which will drive your ROI.

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    Competitor Analysis

    We will use advanced tools to drill insights on identifying your competitors’ position in the SEO space which will identify your current position and future course of action.

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    On Page Optimization

    We will analyze your website to identify the improvement opportunities in terms of its conversion viability, code and content structure.

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    Search Engine and Directory Submission

    We have years of knowledge in executing SEO campaigns and we will use the expertise to rank your keywords with in the stipulated time frame.

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    Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting

    We will provide you detailed reports on your campaign progress which will allow you to save time and focus on your business.

At Digidley, we practice various strategies to convert more visitors into buyers through:

  • Audits and Analytics Review
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization
  • Split Testing and Fine Tuning
  • Website Optimization
  • Conduct User Feedback Surveys